by Kay D. Rizzo

December 6

A Very Pickle Christmas

Never get a lazy man to do something for you; he will be an ir­ritant as vinegar on your teeth or smoke in your eyes. Proverbs 10:26, TEV.

The traditions of mistletoe, eggnog, and candy canes we associate with Christmas, but pickles? In Berrien County, Michigan, Christmastime means pickle time.

Each December the village of Berrien Springs holds a Christmas Pickle Festival. This tradition started with a blown­glass pickle ornament pioneer families would hide on their Christmas tree for the children to find on Christmas morning. According to the legend that springs from the 1930s, the first one to find the ornament received an extra gift.

A very pickle Christmas may seem kind of silly at first. But think about it. Pickles don’t grow ready-to-eat in their brine. It takes work to make a good pickle. A basket of pickle­cukes, a room to clean, a school project to do-if you’ve ever had a friend who’s suppose to help you with a task and left you all the work, it sets your teeth on edge just as a mouth­ful of vinegar would.

The wisdom from the book of Proverbs is as accurate today as it was back when King Solomon was growing up in his father David’s royal court. God’s Word doesn’t grow old with time. .

“Popsicles, Black Holes & Burnt Toast” - Kay Rizzo

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