by Kay D. Rizzo

February 12

Sacrifice of Gladiators

Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows; but cheer up, for I have overcome the world. John 16:33, TLB.

In ancient Rome, Nero is said to have killed 10,000 gladiators and Christians, along with 8,000 animals, in a 100-day period.

Beneath the floor of the Roman Colosseum were cells and cages to hold the wild animals and the people to be sacrificed for the pleasure of the nearly 1 million Roman citizens. Trapdoors raised the participants of the next event to the arena. Beyond the Colosseum was an underground disposal pit for the dead carcasses-animal and human alike.

But remember, a lot of living and praising was going on in those dank cells by Christians who were to be burned at the stake or ravaged by lions. God’s faithful proclaimed the name of Jesus to slaves and gladiators alike. Hearts were being soft­ened and lives changed even as the crowds above their heads cheered their brothers’ and sisters’ deaths. These children of God weren’t afraid, because they trusted their Savior.

Troubles will come. Jesus said so, but He also said He overcame those troubles for us. And He promises a new life forever and ever and ever in His perfect world. Pretty good exchange, huh?

“Popsicles, Black Holes & Burnt Toast” - Kay Rizzo

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