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Join Miss Brenda and Pastor John Lomacang for a Christmas you will never forget! Walk in the footsteps of Jesus as you visit the Garden of Gethsemane, Capernaum, Cana, Bethlehem, the Via Dolorosa, and many others. We’ll also visit Masada, swim in the Dead Sea, and have the opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River.


Land Tour Cost: $2,600

5/4-Star Hotel, Buffet Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Land Transportation, Professional Guide, Jordan Visa Fees and Border Crossing Taxes, Museum Fees, Boat Ride on the Sea of Galilee, Cable Car Ride at Masada, Tips to Guide, Driver and Hotel Porters valued at $11/day

Not included:  Airfare and Travel Insurance


Land Tour Cost: $1,995

5/4-Star Hotel, Buffet Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Land Transportation, Professional Guide, Museum Fees, Boat Ride on the Sea of Galilee, Cable Car Ride at Masada, Tips to Guide, Driver and Hotel Porters valued at $11/day

Not included:  Airfare and Travel Insurance

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Dec. 17­‐27, 2017 Proposed Itinerary*

Last Updated (Oct 10, 2017)

Day 1: Departure
(Sunday, Dec 17 Flight from airport of origin to Amman, Jordan)*

Today we embark on our Journey to the Promised Land (JPL). Prepare yourself for a life-­changing experience. Get some rest on the flight...Tomorrow we will begin to walk where Jesus walked!

Day 2: Arrive Amman* (Monday, Dec 18)

Arrive  in  Amman  International  Airport. Our  Tour  Operator’s  representatives  will  met  us  after  passport  control  following  procedures of collecting luggage and security check. Then we will proceed to the hotel in Amman for check in, dinner and overnight stay.

**Tour Option 1 Only

Day 3: Petra* and Mt Nebo* (Tuesday, Dec 19)

After  breakfast,  we  will  depart  the  hotel  for  a  half  day  tour  of  Petra,  the  soul-­‐stirring,  rose-­‐red  city  of  Petra  is  a  Jordanian  national treasure and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Petra is southward toward the amazing mountain fortress known to be inhabited by the Edomites – the descendants of Esau. Also, Petra was an ancient Nabataean capital and was settled by these industrious Arab traders more than 2,000 years ago. Petra still forms part of the domain of the Bedouin, and  we  will  see  them  with  their  horses  and  camels  as  we  begin  our  unforgettable  trip  into  this  cultural  landmark.    After  passing tombs outside the city, we come to the “Siq,” an immense crack in the Nubian sandstone almost one half mile long. This winding fissure separates overhanging cliffs that appear to meet 300 fee overhead. Near the end of the passage, the “Siq” makes one last turn with great style, and out of the gloom Petra’s most impressive monuments, Al Khazneh (The Treasury) appears in the towering brightness, one of the most elegant remains of antiquity. Al Khazneh is nearly 140 feet high and was carved from the mountain’s solid rock in the First Century B.C. Originally used a Nabataean king’s tomb. Scholars believe Al Khazneh was later used as Nabataean temple. Film buffs will recognize it from its starring role in the final scenes of the movie “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.” Beyond Al Khazneh, we are surrounded on both sides hundreds of Petra’s carved and built structures, soaring temples, elaborate royal tombs, a carved Roman Theater (seating 3,000), large and small houses, burial  chambers,  banquet  halls,  water  channels  and  reservoirs,  bathes,  monumental  staircases,  cultic  installations,  markets,  arched gates public buildings and paved streets.

Mt. Nebo, believed to be the site of the tomb of Moses, commands a spectacular view across the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. Study the panorama as we read from the Holy Scriptures, God showing Moses the “Promised Land” before He brought him home to heaven. As we travel West toward the Allenby Bridge, we view to the north Plains of Moab, the area where the tribes of Israel camped before crossing the Jordan and picture the place where Jesus was baptized.

Overnight stay at Amman hotel.

**Tour Option 1 Only

Day 4: Transfer to Araba Border/Israel, Masada, Dead Sea (Wednesday, Dec 20)

After breakfast we will be transferred for departure to Israel. Our tour guide will assist us for departure formalities. After border crossing we will travel to Masada-­‐-­‐the last stronghold of the Jews after the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D. We will ascend Masada by cable car and visit the food storeroom, water irrigation system and Herod’s Palace. Here our guide will treat us to the history of the famous zealot stand. Spend time in the special spa and enjoy a dip in the Dead Sea for a relaxing float.

We will meet up with Tour Option 2 on this day.

Then we will drive to Jerusalem area, check in to the hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Jordan Valley to Tiberias, Capernaum, Jordan River Baptism Site (Thursday, Dec 21)

Today we will depart Jerusalem and travel along the Jordan Valley to the Sea of Galilee. We will visit Jordan River Baptism Site.  Pastor John Lomacang will be baptizing some of us here.  Time permitting, we will have a short visit to Jericho the oldest city of the world. Then on the shores of Sea of Galilee we will visit Tabgha the site of the miracle of the loaves and fishes, Capernaum and enjoy a boat ride on the lake. Continue to the Mt of Beatitudes where the Sermon of the Mount took place. Check in to hotel in Haifa for dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Haifa/Cana/Nazareth/Caesarea/Tel-Aviv (Friday, Dec 22)

In the morning we will visit Haifa one of the busiest cities in Israel viewing from the top of the Ba'hai Shrine and Gardens.  We drive to Cana of Galilee where Jesus performed His first miracle at the wedding turning water into wine. Time permitting, we will continue to Nazareth for a bus tour of the city.  Then we will visit Caesarea formerly the region's capital during the Roman Era.  We will visit the archaeological excavations of the crusaders' city, the aqueduct and the amphitheater (renovated to its past magnificence and today serves as a venue for entertainment and performances.)  Overnight in Tel-Aviv.

Day 7: Sabbath Worship at the Garden Tomb/Jerusalem:  Mt of Olives/Garden of Gethsemane (Saturday, Dec 23)
(all churches in Israel will be invited)

Church Service half-­day. After lunch we will drive to Jerusalem to visit Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane. How many have wished to be whisked back in time to get a glimpse of our Lord or hear His voice if only for a moment? To walk between the ancient olive trees, read the scriptures of Jesus' prayer and take time for personal reflection is important here. We will also see the area of Golgotha (place of the skull) and the Garden Tomb.

Day 8: Old City of Jerusalem Tour and Bethlehem (Sunday, Dec 24)

Passing by the Protestant Cemetery, we will visit the "Upper Room" just outside the Zion Gate where the disciple whom Jesus loved laid his head on His breast and where later Thomas cried, "my Lord & my God." While walking along the Via Dolorosa, we  are  reminded  of  His  way  of  suffering  along  with  a  visit  to  the  Church  of  the  Holy  Sepulcher.  Our  guide  will  explain  the  differing opinions on the route that Christ was led and the actual place of crucifixion and burial is a very interesting study.

Then, we will visit the Wailing Wall and then the fascinating Rabbinical Tunnels leading us through the Second Temple era. The tunnel and exhibit give a clear understanding of the amazing construction of the Temple Mount, giant stones, water supply and Roman Street where our Lord was led to judgment. Before exiting the tunnel we see the immense cornerstone rejected by the builders. We move on to the Judgment Hall of Pilate, hear of those who conspired against Him and are reminded of His brutal beating and humiliation. From here we will also be able to see the Pool of Bethesda, Stephen's Gate and St. Ann’s Church. This  afternoon  we  visit  the  Southern  Wall  Excavations.  This  southern  side  of  The  Temple  was  the  main  entrance  for  the  common folk, whereas the Priests and Levites had their own entrance from the higher eastern side. Parts of the giant stairs, which led to the Temple Mount from the courtyard have been unearthed along with the purification pools. From here Jesus entered the Temple Mount and drove out the vendors and money exchangers who were exploiting the people. It is also likely that this is the place that Peter stood and preached and where thousands were saved and baptized on the Day of Pentecost.

Overnight in Jerusalem/Bethlehem.

Day 9: Jerusalem/Bethlehem (Monday, Dec 25)

In the morning, we will drive to Bethlehem to visit the Church of Nativity and Manger Square.  Shepherds' Field is overlooking on a hill from Bethlehem, the "House of Bread."  In the afternoon, we will go back to Jerusalem and walk in the Christian Quarter of the Old City to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with the children and have some shopping time.

Day 10: Tel-­Aviv, Jaffa (Tuesday, Dec 26)

We drive to visit the city of Jaffa. We will take a short walking tour in alleys of the old fortified town. Visit the modern city of Tel-­Aviv. Stop in Rabin Square and have free time.

Dinner and overnight in Tel­‐Aviv.

Day 11: Home Sweet Home (Wednesday, Dec 27)

We depart for home today.

*Subject to change while touring for the best interest of the group.