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Don't forget Volumes 2 and 3!

Kids Time Singers Vol 1. CD
Enjoy hearing Miss Brenda and the Kids Time Singers as they sing 20 of your favorite kids praise songs! Songs like ...
Sample Audio Mix
1-Amazing Grace
2-Behold, Behold
3-Behold What Manner of Love
4-Cares Chorus
5-Crayon Box Song
6-Dare to Be a Daniel
7-Deep and Wide
8-Do Lord
9-Every Day with Jesus
10-Everybody Ought to Know
11-Father, I Adore You
12-Fishers of Men
13-Footprints of Jesus
14-For God So Loved the World
15-Give Me Oil in My Lamp
16-God Is So Good
17-Hallelu, Hallelujah!
18-Happy All the Time
19-Heavenly Father, I Appreciate You
20-Heavenly Sunshine

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