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Danny Shelton and Kids
Young and old will be blessed by the heart-touching songs on Danny Shelton's first CD for kids, "Love Rules!" His smooth and easy vocals are backed up by talented children that love to sing for Jesus! Danny wrote both the words and the music, basing each one on Bible truths. Many songs blend scripture into the lyrics, such as The Ten Commandments, with children reciting each one of the commandments What a wonderful way to teach children to memorize God's law and keep it in their hearts and minds! What is truly amazing is that God gave these songs to Danny in such a short time and each with a different message and focus. There are eleven songs on this project and each one has it's own unique sound. Songs like, "Go Ye" reminds us of God's commission to preach the gospel to all the world, and "He Promises" reassures us that God always does what He says He will do. The title song, "Love Rules," reinforces God's rule to love each other and to remember that God IS love! Each song was written to reach the hearts of kids, with the sole purpose to prepare them for heaven. And, yes, God's kids come in all ages! These refreshing, Bible-based songs are sure to keep you singing all day long! And, best of all . . . they will draw you closer to Jesus!
Sample Audio Mix
1. Love God and Keep His Commandments
2. Jesus Is the Key to Heaven
3. The Trinity
4. Joy Was Born
5. He Promises
6. Go Ye
7. Kids Time
8. On This Your Sabbath Day
9. Let’s All Praise the Lord
10. The Hour of His Judgment
11. Love Rules!

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