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Tiny Tots Sing for Jesus CD
You are sure to enjoy this CD with Tiny Tots singing some of your favorite children's songs such as "Jesus Loves Me," "Shall We Go for a Walk Today," and "Praise Him, Praise Him." You'll also hear familiar songs from the Tiny Tots program, such as "The Worship Song," "I Like to Go to the Barn," "The Good-bye Song," and of course, the "Tiny Tot Theme Song!" Listening to these songs is a wonderful way to teach your little ones just how much Jesus loves them!
Sample Audio Mix
1. Tiny Tots Around the World
2. Welcome Song
3. Worship Bells
4. Prayer Song
5. Singing, Singing
6. I Like to Go to the Barn
7. Jesus Sends the Angels
8. A Little Talk with Jesus
9. I Talk to Jesus
10. Jesus Loves Me
11. Jesus Loves the Little Children
12. I Have the Joy
13. My God Is So Great
14. Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me
15. He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands
16. Praise Him, Praise Him
17. God Is So Good
18. The Raindrops Fall
19. Shall We Go for a Walk Today
20. God Protected Daniel
21. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
22. In Right, Out Right
23. Make Me a Servant
24. Sweet Jesus
25. Ascribe to the Lord
26. Do Lord
27. The Goodbye Song

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