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Kids Network - by Brenda Walsh

2016 Kids Network Archive (PDF)

Date Topic Download
January Dear Miss Brenda . . .
February Websites for Kids
March God's Perfect Timing
April Wanted Volunteers
May Welcome to the Team
June Miss Brenda Goes to India
July Special Delivery
August Maxwell Retires
September Kids Time Praise
October Cook:30 for kids
November Kids Time Live!

2015 Kids Network Archive (PDF)

Date Topic Download
January Kids Time, 15th Anniversary
February Remembering "Ranger Jim"
March Tiny Tots for Jesus
April Kids Club
May Story Time
June Kids Network Land Search
July Maxwell, the Kids Time Dog
August Casting Call
September Kids Network at General Conference
October Kids Time Logo
November Kids Time Reunion
December Spiritual Gifts for Kids

2014 Kids Network Archive (PDF)

Date Topic Download
August New Network Just for Kids!
September New Programs, New Faces
October 2014 International Pathfinder Camporee
November Sharing Time
December Gift of Time

Just For Kids - by Mellisa Hoffman

2016 Just For Kids Archive (PDF)

Date Topic Download
January Crocodiles
February The Shy Plant
March Waves
April Tree-Cimbing Goats
May Elephants
June Poison Dart Frogs
July Baby Sea Turtles
August Uluru
September Owls
October Bombardier Beetle
November Shilin Stone Forest

2015 Just For Kids Archive (PDF)

Date Topic Download
January Volcanic Lightning
February Venus Flytrap
March Giraffes
April Jellyfish
May Sailing Stones
June Honey Bees
July Pebble Mound Mouse
August Bearded Tooth Mushroom
September Fire Rainbows
October Koalas
November Feather Stars
December Snowflakes

2014 Just For Kids Archive (PDF)

Date Topic Download
August Otters
September Meerkats
October Crystal Caves of Mexico
November Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree
December Cheetahs