by Kay D. Rizzo

February 24

Giants in the Land

Sing God a brand-new song! Earth and everyone in it, sing! ... Shout the news of his victory from sea to sea, take the news of his glory to the lost, news of his wonders to one and all! Psalm 96:1-3, Message.

Scotsman John Muir captured the imagination of readers and politicians with his eloquent descriptions of California “giants.”

“Every tree ... seemed perfect in beauty and strength ... like a range of bossy up-swelling cumulus clouds on a calm sky.” He wrote 300 articles and 10 books about his travels throughout the West. He couldn’t keep quiet about the mag­nificent world he’d discovered.

John Muir’s legacy lives on in Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon national parks, where you can see sequoia trees as tall as a 26-story building. Their diameters exceed the width of most city streets. (Two sequoias, named General Sherman and General Grant, were more than 200 years old when Jesus was born.)

Talk about wonders! I feel a hush come over me when I walk through a grove of these giants, as if I’m in a grand cathe­dral, as if my God is walking beside me.

I thank God for people such as John Muir, who proclaimed to America the mighty and marvelous wonders of God that he found. I am glad that one person can make a difference when they praise their Creator.

“Popsicles, Black Holes & Burnt Toast” - Kay Rizzo


About "Popsicles, Black Holes and Burnt Toast"

So far today I've done all right. I haven't gossiped, havent lost my temper, havent been greedy, grumpy, or nasty. But in a few minutes, God, Im going to get out of bed, and from then on Im going to need more help. If your morning is anything like that, then start it out right with a revelation from Rizzo. She always has something new to say about God. It wont take long, but the smile in your heart will last the day. You'll encounter eggs that explode and missiles that dont. You'll meet Cha-Cha, the parrot that learned how to order the dog to bring in the cows, then take them back to pasture againover and over. And that's just the first two weeks! The rest of the book really is out of this world, with tales of triumph and tragedy, and stories terrestrial and extraterrestrial.
Kay Rizzo

Kay resides with her husband and business partner, Richard, in California's San Joaquin Valley. Her greatest riches include her hubby of 40+ years; her two daughters, two sons-in law, two grandsons and a cat named Pepsi.